Welcome to Da Barbara – where the essence of Italian culinary tradition meets the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. Born from the culinary dreams of Chef Barbara Pollastrini, Da Barbara is a haven crafted from a deep passion for the art of gastronomy. With roots deeply embedded in the rich heritage of Italian cuisine, Chef Barbara Pollastrini brings forth a tasting menu that resonates with authenticity, flavor, and heart. Each dish is a labor of love, a testament to generations of culinary wisdom passed down through time. Here, Chef Barbara invites you to savor the true essence of Italy, meticulously curated and beautifully presented, as we aim to stir your senses and transport you to the sun-soaked landscapes that inspire Italy’s culinary heritage.
In a stroke of serendipity, this cherished venue emerged unexpectedly. Da Barbara isn’t a restaurant; it’s a shared endeavor among her closest friends who helped her build it, a manifestation of their bond. With a cozy setting boasting merely seven tables, guests are treated to a meticulously crafted chef’s menu spanning seven courses. Each dish is an exquisite fusion of carefully sourced seasonal ingredients and expert culinary techniques. The open kitchen layout offers guests a captivating view of Barbara’s culinary artistry amidst an ambiance that strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and warmth.
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